Poem: Cactus Circus

Cactus Circus by Princess Yvonne Dumas

One, two, three, you go,

Grow across the surface –

With a scorched tip nose

And a juggler’s dream come true.

Do you know the way from here?

Is it straight to the water or my fear?

Looks like you’re missing an act.

Right there, do you see it?

Surrounded by spectators,

Standing on their feet –

I see them. Do you?

Colorless clowns all looking the same,

With no form,

With no name,

Not of their own…

Sycophants of everlasting green,

Never thinking twice to be mean.

You need a splash of color,

Starting to get pale on the cheek.

Is it me you need?

I can fit just as well for the ride.

I’ll grab onto you,

And your entourage of standing lovers,

Add my crimson blood to your mask,

And you’ll say I’m part of your act.