Poem: Two Years I Lived

For two years, I lived without you, 

Your smile fading into the past, 

Countering notions that you’d last

Much longer in my mind than here. 

For two years, you haven’t been here, 

A total disappearance from me, 

A broken promise about an unfailing thee

Throughout my years to come. 

For two years, you left me behind

In this floating stardust of a world,

As your soul through the ether twirled

Without me able to dance with you. 

For two years, I survived our memories 

While the echo of your laughter 

Has run away from me further and faster 

Than anyone we knew could replicate. 

For two years, I wondered why, 

And found myself daydreaming of time

That was taken from you in your prime, 

As I find more grays in my own hair. 

For two years, I lived without you

And with you at the same time somehow, 

A collection of thoughts upon my brow,

Contradicting grief with reminiscences.

For two years, I tell myself to go on

And do what you didn’t get to explore, 

That maybe in one or several score,

I’ll have so much to tell you again. 

Princess Yvonne Dumas – March 6, 2023

Dedicated to my brother, Henry Alexander Dumas


Published by Prin Dumas

I'm a writer and musician. I love creating and connecting with people. www.musicbyprin.com www.writingbyprin.com www.thecalmprinciples.com

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