Contact Prin AKA Princess Yvonne Dumas

Contact local freelance writer – Contact online writing services – NYC – NJ

Please, contact me if you need information for an upcoming writing project or if you have questions about my writing rates.

At this time, I am focusing on creative and independent publishing of my own work. However, I am still available for business SEO services, resume consulting, and general editing/ghostwriting services. It really depends on scheduling!

Note: I’m big on sharing copyrights, unless we establish a ghostwriting relationship.

If you are a business, celebrity, or brand representative, I no longer do press pieces under my name or via ghostwriting. My relationship with news sites is on and off at this time, but I still have connections and ways to help you network. I typically hold a current press pass, but I do not at this time since 2020, as I have no intention of publishing articles, news, or press pieces under my name. I’m still available to manage social media accounts and website content pages at this time.

Call or text: 201-755-6238

For more information about The C.A.L.M. PRINciples community, please, visit the dedicated site:

For more information about my music, piano lessons and songwriting, visit:


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