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About Prin

Princess Yvonne Dumas (or Prin Dumas Sielski) is a freelance writer in the New York City (NYC) and New Jersey (NJ) area, focusing mostly on online content for creative and professional writing projects. She’s an independent author, content creator, and editor. Books published under her name are: Me In Gibber, First Love Lament, The C.A.L.M. PRINciples, and From My Rosy Lips.

Offering SEO content writing services, press releases, resume-writing services, creative writing, blogging, keyword research and more

Prin provides a balance between creativity and business.

Prin – Bio

Earliest Years

I was born and raised in Jersey City, NJ. Growing up, I loved experiencing the culture, food, music, art, and events in New York City. The urban energy was integral to my growing up. As an adult, I have maintained this authentic passion for trying new things, and I believe my multicultural experiences influence my writing. I began writing poetry when I was about eight years old, and my willingness to research and write about any topic has evolved over the years. My creative writing foundation and educational background in English provided me with a passion for written communication.

Early Years as a Creative Writer

I began writing poetry when I was in the third grade, and that propelled me into entering poetry contests as a child. Years later, when I published my creative writing anthology, I included some poems (edited, of course) from those years.

Beginning of Writing Career

When I began Fordham University in NYC, I had my heart set on becoming a lawyer and majoring in psychology, because I was already working as a musician (which is what I still do now). I loved writing, but I had been told repeatedly that there “was no money in English.” An amazing English professor, Dr. Philip Sicker, gave me my first “C+” in writing. I went to his office and complained. He looked up at me with a raised eyebrow and remarked, “Do you realize that I failed most of the class?” By the time I declared a major, he had convinced me that English was my forte. So, I began freelancing in 2000 by writing resumes and editing academic writing for other students.

First Publication as an Author

Me in Gibber - published 2005 Me in Gibber – published 2005

My 2001 graduation catapulted me into the workforce. In other words, I was broke and needed a job in NYC – ha ha! Anyway, I found work providing group therapy to various mental health populations. I was still working as a musician, and I made most of my income teaching music and performing during this time in my life. When things seemed financially stable enough, I decided to take on my first book publication! I embarked on this creative project and it took four years to complete. I compiled my best poems, put together introductory prose for each entry, planned art work within the book, staged photo shoots with a talented artist, Liz Magic Laser, from New York City, and even included a cartoon by my good friend, Liam Kersting. My brother provided much of the physical labor involved during this time and my best friends financed my first book – either by giving me money or by feeding me.

I completed Me In Gibber at the end of 2004 and published it in January 2005. For me, it was a lovely accomplishment – I produced a creative project all by myself. I was 25.

Expertise in SEO Content

I came to discover the notion of search engine optimization as part of marketing my book. This led to the beginning of my freelancing career as a ghostwriter and web content writer for businesses and other writers. By 2007, I was editing other writers and creating searchable content for small businesses. I also included this method to my resume-writing, increasing my resume-to-interview conversion greatly. I began writing for websites in 2007 and I strengthened my keyword article development through Helium.com. I sold a few articles, which was exciting!

Freelance Writer in New York City – NYC

In 2012, with over 12 years of experience as a freelance writer, I decided to leave my career in higher education to work from home as a writer and musician. My professional life came full circle.

Whether I’ve helped someone find a new job during difficult economic times with an effective resume or I’ve helped a struggling local business get new customers with marketing content, I enjoy my career path now. I’m also still a working musician and songwriter, which rounds out my creative life with my two greatest loves – music and writing.

Freelance Writer – Online, NYC, NJ

NJ Parental Guidance Blog
NJ Parental Guidance Blog

I continue to provide ghostwriting and writing services to local businesses in the New York City (NYC) and New Jersey area. I’m open to online clients, too.

My articles, blogs, and ghostwriting are published on Helium.com, CrowdSource.com, CourtHouseNews.com, Triond.com, NJ.com, Inquisitr.com and other websites. From time to time, I provide in-kind work to great causes, like Maya’s Hope, a New York City charity for impoverished children and orphans with special needs. I’m also very proud of helping job seekers by writing their resumes at an affordable price, and I continue to work with local businesses. I still provide ghostwriting services to a variety of blogs, and I enjoy creative writing and editing fellow writers.

Personal Life and Personal Inspiration

Dad and Prin Dad and Prin

I often say, “I’ve had a lot of life happen,” and this is still a true statement. I’ve had great joys and poignant failures in my life, and I’m inspired to create by all of them in equal shares.

My adolescent years and early 20s were full of influential relationships and epic learning moments, including almost dying twice.  I lost my father to lung cancer in 2011 and I got hit by a car in 2012, which resulted in nerve damage of my left hand. I’ve become rather passionate about playing my music and writing since these incidents, and I’ve felt my father’s presence push me to pursue my creative endeavors. As a creative person, my writing and music are both important to me.

In recent years, I got married, became a step mom, got pregnant, became a mom, and took several vacations to Hawaii, Disney and road trips in America. I celebrated turning 40 by going to Paris and I had the joy of exploring Canada’s Niagara Falls right before Covid-19 put traveling into a hard stop. I’ve had to juggle changes several times in my life and this was not different.

I write for a living so I can live to play…

In 2013, I began a songwriting collaboration with a Scottish country pop band, Ashton Lane. I also have a variety of recorded songs uploaded into ReverbNation.com, itunes, and Spotify, and I’m a member of ASCAP. In 2015 and 2016, I took on the project of recording my first album, Dim the Lights, which was released July 2016, and features my songwriting, piano playing, singing, arrangement, and production skills, along with the amazing musicianship of some dear friends and fellow artists: Doug Yowell, Mark Plati, Thad DeBrock, and Jonathan Maron.

In 2021, I published First Love Lament as a Kindle and paperback through Amazon.

I am also the creator of The C.A.L.M. PRINciples, which just came out in 2021, too. There is also a separate website for that online community at: www.thecalmprinciples.com

I’ve also released a third book in 2021, From My Rosy Lips, which is an interactive poetry prompt book focused on the Haiku style.

I’m the type of person that can draw inspiration from anything, and I love my life and the beautiful people in it.

For more information about my music, piano lessons and songwriting, visit: www.musicbyprin.com


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