Poem: My Moment

Far into the night of my childhood,

There waited the daylight of my wisdom.

As I stumbled, crawled, and cried,

A pillar of strength waited to become me.

I had no objective when I arrived,

And neither did you.

We landed.

We paused.

We stayed.

Far into the nights of my womanhood,

The crone in me awaits my arrival.

With creases of a life lived on her face,

She plays the piano with painful bones.

She has no intention to leave,

And neither do I.

Neither do you.

But, we will.

And when my moment arrives,

I will have lived a life fulfilled.

-Princess Yvonne Dumas – January 13, 2023


Published by Prin Dumas

I'm a writer and musician. I love creating and connecting with people. www.musicbyprin.com www.writingbyprin.com www.thecalmprinciples.com

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