Sunday Night Thoughts: Labeling People

For my Sunday night thoughts, I’ve been wondering why so many people seem obsessed with labeling people on the internet. From race to religion and lifestyle choices, it seems this younger generation has influenced the popular social narratives into a state of compartmentalization. No sharing, no appreciating, no learning from one another – everything is a problem, and others have a right to tell you who and what you are without knowing anything about you. This is unstable thinking.

As someone with a very racially, ethnically, and culturally mixed background, I find myself feeling defensive from so many online arguments. I tend not to participate, but every now and then, I find myself making a statement about human anthropology or trying to find the common ground. Labeling people into categories, invented by social expectations, is weird. It’s divisive. It’s ignorant. And yet, for some reason, very educated internet users are promoting this labeling habit as if it were an act of something positive.

Anything that pushes you to reject any aspect of yourself, your ancestry, and your living remnant of human history is wrong. Stop letting people tell you or others how to identify. Nothing good is going to come from long-term labeling and compartmentalizing of human beings.


Published by Prin Dumas

I'm a writer and musician. I love creating and connecting with people.

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