Music Monday: Meatloaf

I remember thinking I had just discovered something new and really cool when I first began playing Meatloaf’s 1993 Bat Out Of Hell II: Back into Hell album. MTV and VH1 were playing his epic music videos with all of their gothic drama and I thought myself unique. As it turned out his music was mostly a reprise from two decades prior, and my mom was quick to note I had no clue who he really was.

Between Jim Steinman’s amazing songwriting and piano-based rock, along with Meatloaf’s passionate performances, I really loved his work for a number of years in my youth. Michael Lee Aday, the man known as Meatloaf, really inspired who I became as a musician. He passed away January 20, 2022. In an oddly mystical and gothic way, I hope he’s joined Jim (died April 19, 2021) again in the afterlife and they’re making lots of great music again.

I’ll close with sharing one of my favorite Meatloaf hits (Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through) and an early acting feature by Angelina Jolie! 🙂


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