New Blog for 2022!

There’s a new blog for 2022 coming your way! It’ll be all things poetry, prose, random thoughts, reviews, and more! While I have been busy with The Calm Principles website and expanding the content, tools, and blog on that site, I want to keep a nice home for my regular writing to nestle cozily. While I had to put a pause on my travel writing plans before Covid began, I am happy to start talking about the things I do for recreation and relaxation, alone and with family. All of it is poetry, I guess. Ha!

If you like poetry, come back soon! I have plans to be releasing more poetry books in the upcoming years and I’m working on a short story compilation for late 2022 or early 2023!

I know I keep busy with my music projects, but there’s always room for jello, as they say!!


Published by Prin Dumas

I'm a writer and musician. I love creating and connecting with people.

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