Music Monday: Meatloaf

I remember thinking I had just discovered something new and really cool when I first began playing Meatloaf’s 1993 Bat Out Of Hell II: Back into Hell album. MTV and VH1 were playing his epic music videos with all of their gothic drama and I thought myself unique. As it turned out his music wasContinue reading “Music Monday: Meatloaf”


Sunday Night Thoughts: Labeling People

For my Sunday night thoughts, I’ve been wondering why so many people seem obsessed with labeling people on the internet. From race to religion and lifestyle choices, it seems this younger generation has influenced the popular social narratives into a state of compartmentalization. No sharing, no appreciating, no learning from one another – everything isContinue reading “Sunday Night Thoughts: Labeling People”

Poem: Cactus Circus

Cactus Circus by Princess Yvonne Dumas One, two, three, you go, Grow across the surface – With a scorched tip nose And a juggler’s dream come true. Do you know the way from here? Is it straight to the water or my fear? Looks like you’re missing an act. Right there, do you see it?Continue reading “Poem: Cactus Circus”